Draft Minutes for 9/11 Truth leaders’ national conference call, February 23, 2011

Draft  minutes for 9/11 Truth leaders‘ national conference call, 2-23-11

The call was convened about 7:10 pm Pacific time.

Present were: Bob Bowman (www.thePatriots.US), Jonathan Mark(www.FlybyNews.com),  Gabriel Day (www.911Sharethetruth.com), Jeff Orling (NY activist, architect), Shelton Lankford (www.militaryofficersfor911truth.org), Ted and Nelisse Muga (San Diegans for 911 Truth – www.SD911truth.org), Chris Pratt (filmmaker, www.DeceptionsUSA.com), Hutch (Prosecute them Now  www.impeachthem.com), Paul Zarembka (Professor, Buffalo University, Hidden History of 9-11), Dennis Morrisseau (Veteran, Vermont activist and State Senate candidate), Sheila Casey (Staff Reporter www.RockCreekFreePress.com), Elizabeth Woodworth (Author of articles, works with David Ray Griffin and www.actorsandartistsfor911truth.org) Barry Zwicker ( Author, Towers of Deception, Toronto International Citizens’ Inquiry), Ken Freeland (Houston 9/11 Truth – www.meetup.com/9-11-281, facilitating)

Minutes of the previous meeting were approved as posted and circulated.

The draft agenda circulated for this meeting were amended and approved.

As Richard Gage was absent, Hutch informed the call of a planned debate at University of Colorado including Richard Gage on 6 March. He inquired whether it will be live streamed over the internet. Jonathan will check with Richard about this and let us know, however, it was reported that it may be audiocast. More information on this will be sent to our list serve when and if any live broadcast is available. The following is information from AE911truth:

Onstage Debate in Boulder, Colorado: Sunday March 6, University of Colorado, 5:00 pm – University Memorial Center (UMC), Room 235
The debate is scheduled to last two hours with questions and answers afterwards. We are thankful to Fran Shure of Colorado 9/11 Visibility for her diligent efforts in organizing this event. A professional film crew with three cameras will be recording the debate, so this important educational material can later be presented to a much wider audience in the form of a DVD. More info – http://www.ae911truth.org/en/news-section/41-articles/454-radio-debate.html

Bob Bowman reported that he will spend most of May speaking in southern California, and has scheduled a couple of speaking events in May in the South, with plans to visit the eastern seaboard in July. He is hoping to be able to challenge Obama in the Iowa and New Hampshire primaries, in order to raise neglected issues like 9/11, however, he still needs about $70,000 in pledges to make this happen. The question was raised about the possibility of Cynthia McKinney campaigning with Bob.  Jonathan has sent Bob Cynthia’s email to facilitate this possibility.

It was agreed by consensus to endorse and promote Chris Pratt’s film, DECEPTIONS, and website www.DeceptionsUSA.com to bring 9/11 truth into context of other grand deceptions, while maintaining a focus in demanding a new and thorough investigation into the events of September 11, 2001.

A resolution by Paul Zarembka to assert our group’s position vis a vis 9/11 Truth websites’ moderation practices was postponed to the following meeting. It was agreed that the text of this resolution would be included in the draft minutes, following, as well as posted to the list serve to enable feedback in advance of the next meeting.


“We urge those responsible for citizen-oriented publications, organizations and websites to respect fully democratic practices in determining which stories, posts, messages and persons will be allowed and indeed be encouraged to be published or to post, on any topic relevant to 9/11Truth. The essence of democracy is the full airing of diverse opinions. This essence should be uncontroversial and would apply to, for instance, 911blogger.com, which has received extensive criticism.”

The call was formally ended at 7:57 pm Pacific time.

The next teleconference is scheduled for March 30th same time and telephone number and code as February’s call.

Respectfully submitted,
Ken Freeland, facilitator

9/11 Truth Leader Teleconference
A coalition of 9/11 truth leaders and groups has been
communicating on a monthly basis (via teleconference)
about supporting critical campaigns to expose the U.S.
government and media cover-up on what really happened.

List serve for discussions regarding teleconference is

This is sent (bcc) to: Richard Gage, John Heartson, Don DeBar, Scott Halfmann, Steven E. Jones, William Rodriguez, David Ray Griffin, William Douglas, Steve Alten , Tom Tvedten, Justin Martel, les jamieson, Michael Jackman, Michael Wolsey, Peggy Brewster, Barrie Zwicker, Erik Lawyer, Gabriel Day, Kevin Barrett, Carol Brouillet, Mia Hamel, Paul Craig Roberts, Jack Blood, Diana (for investigar11s.org), Chris Gruener, Cheryl Curtiss, Jodie Baltazar, Jarek Kupsc, Joseph Culp, Ken Jenkins, Ellen Mariani, Gerhard Bedding, Jim Smart , Jack Shimek, Paul Krik, Rock Creek Free Press, Damon Bean, David Slesinger, Allan Giles, Kyle Hence, Michael Berger, Dylan Avery, Korey Rowe, Jason Burmas, Robert Bowman, Mike Palecek, Donald Stahl, Ray McGovern, Cynthia McKinney, Bill Veale, Don Plummer, Doug Wight, Global Outlook, Judy Shelton, Paul Zarembka, Penny Little, Bob Cable, Suzanne Warson, Peter Thottam, Ralph Schoenman, Carol Wolman, Scholars for 911 Truth & Justice, John Schuster, Hummux, Political Leaders for 9/11 Truth, Frank Morales, JF Ranger, Frank Tolopko, Alan Miller, James Hufferd, Ph.D. (911 Truth of Central Iowa), Erik Larson, Ted Walter , Suzanne Warson, Frederick Coward, Gordon Duff , Sherri Kane, Leonard Horowitz, William Woodward, Jerry Mazza, William Pepper, Wayne Madsen, David Kimball, Jeffrey Orling, Michael Marino, Lenny Mather, Ken Freeland, Tania Torres, Graeme MacQueen, Yumi Kikuchi, Stuart Hutchison, Roland Angle, Frank Agamemnon , Dennis Morrisseau, Harold Hilton, Ingri Cassel, Phil Restino, Rich McCampbell, John Zito, Jeff Jacobucci, Manny Badillo, John Hankey, Oskar Mosquito, Edwin Jewett, Ms Anisa Fattah, Robert Barron, Shelton Lankford, Matthew Hayward, Anna Yeisley, Chris Pratt, Craig Ranke, Susan Lindauer, Barbara Honegger, Democritus Blantayre, Joseph Baltar, Rob Balsamo, Robin D Hordon, Jim Hogue, Sheila Casey, Steve Martin, Ben Collet, Elizabeth Woodworth, Ted and Nelisse Muga, Runyan Wilde,

Please advise if you know anyone else who has a record as an accomplished 9/11 truth leader, or representative of a 9/11 truth group, who would be interested to be added to this list. Write to Jonathan Mark flyby[AT}mtdata(dot}com


About flybynews

Flyby News (FN) came out of the campaign to stop or expose the high risk NASA Cassini (plutonium) Earth flyby. FN's first campaign at the turn of the millennium was to prevent the expansion of the arms race and US domination of the planet with space-based weapons. Yet the theft of democracy in the US 2000 election, the Supreme Court appointment of George W. Bush as US President, and the events of September 11, 2001, led to the termination of the 1972 Ballistic Missile Treaty, along with many other actions of crimes against humanity and civil freedom. The exploitation and cover-up of September 11, 2001 led to illegal, deceptive wars, which has accelerated climate change, and the downfall of financial and social justice. Flyby News is educational and nonviolent in focus, and has supported critical campaigns for a healthy environment, human rights, justice, peace, and nonviolence, since the launching of NASA's Cassini space probe in 1997. More info @ FlybyNews.com
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  1. Georgia Tech President, Bud Peterson, questioned about hosting debate with Richard Gage!

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